Escaping or Forced Out of The Rat Race?

Anyone of a certain age knows of the phrase: “escaping the rat race”. It was a pipe dream for many in the 1980s/1990s.  Most white-collar careers consisted of commuting to a large organization, playing corporate warrior, and then repeating. Endlessly. Face time, organizational politics, rigid schedules, performance reviews, and company policies were the trade-off for secure employment and a pension. Today, many have the same challenges but the benefits – secure employment and a guaranteed pension – are gone.  My wife,  having just traveled to New York with a bunch of Fairfield County commuters, reminded me of this point.

For those who have successful work outside of the rat race, work life is pretty great. Figuring out how to escape is the problem for most and where Career Counseling Connecticut has had many great client successes.

My recent work with a whole host of clients who escapted the rat race –  by choice or force – to a self-created work world may ultimately prove to my most fulfilling work.  They report that not only did our career counseling work change their work lives but dramatically changed their overall happiness and well-being.