Expertise In A Marketable Skill Provides Invincibility

Admittedly hyperbolic, I hope my career counseling clients can become invincible in their careers.  Here’s what I mean: the world of work is and for the foreseeable future will be turbulent.  Talented scientists working at Pfizer will be let go because a corporate committee in Pfizer’s New York headquarters will decide to terminate a division.  Top accountants from an Arthur Anderson-like accounting behemoth that goes under will lose their job because the company implodes. In both cases, most of the scientists and accountants that are top notch will get jobs soon enough, perhaps with some pain (a move, a less desirable company, a pay cut) but they will be ok.  And, many of them will be more than ok.  Their temporary set back might lead to a better location, company or salary. Why? Because they have expertise in a marketable skill.  They are, relatively speaking, invincible.  

Those that are experts in any field with a sizable enough market will have similar invincibility.  What do I mean about sizable market? The top hundred all purpose chefs in Connecticut will probably be fine regardless of any turbulence that hits them.  Perhaps only the top ten sushi chefs in Connecticut could claim similar invincibility.