Exploratory Career Work

I remember how work affected my capacity to fully enjoy the weekend.  Saturdays fine for the most part.  Sunday nights would give me anxiety and or stress.  These flashes of worry would turn into sitting feelings of apathy and dread by Monday.

There was only one thing that could put me in a better mood as I was pondering just how much misery the next work week would bring me: “exploratory career work”.  This is my term for the process of researching/finding a new career.  Whether it was reading a book on or talking to a friend in a particular industry, I realized that if I did anything to advance my eventual escape from my job I would feel better.

Even after our very first meeting, my clients believe that they have taken control of the process and feel better about themselves and where they are going. 

Many unhappy workers repress negative feelings hoping it will eventually get better.  “Just gotta get through this week” is said over and over again.  Nobody wants to live like this.

So, if you are reading this on a Sunday night, take action and start the process of exploratory career work.  It will make you feel better and will be your salvation for the future.