Stephen Covey of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People fame popularized a time management quadrant: Important-Urgent; Important Not-Urgent; Urgent-Not Important; Not Urgent-Not Important. While most will discover that not everything fits neatly into each box, there are distinct examples for each: Most of Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients have done very minimal exploratory career work. Most have had fleeting thoughts about different things that might want to do. Then, they felt confused/overwhelmed/anxious and went right back to spending their lives in the other three quadrants. That makes no sense. For most everyone, “work” is the dominant part of most days. Figuring how to make the bulk of each day happier/more fulfilling/more prosperous is HIGHLY IMPORTANT. The challenge is that the tasks required for such change are not urgent. I realize that meeting with “a career counselor” is new to most readers and I also realize that there are not that many effective career counselors. However, if you found it difficult to do the important but not urgent work of career exploration, meeting with us will change your life. Contact us now.