Find a career that will be spiritually and psychologically uplifting

In running Career Counseling Connecticut through the years, I’ve made it a point to study what makes a good career.

I wrote Career Path of Abundance with this in mind and was recently reminded of a significant point recently:

A new client, who had read the book, wrote: “I want to find a career that will elevate me. I go to work each day and feel drained. I dread Sunday night knowing that I’m going to spend the larger part of 5 days not being authentic. I feel spiritually and psychologically adrift during those hours.”

I understand both empathetically (based on my own experiences) and sympathetically (having listened to a couple thousand similar situated clients).

I tell people that in my darkest days of work, I had one thought in mind: there is always hope. I am a fairly hard-wired optimist so this thought may have come easier to me. Nonetheless, I remember walking during lunch hour and feeling despair about having to go into the office again.

Now, I usually am eager for work. Part of that work involves guiding others to find a path that will do the same for them.

Happy to help.