Find a new job so you can enjoy your vacation

I live in Shoreline, Connecticut.   For that reason, I meet many residents of other Connecticut towns who are on vacation.  When we talk about their work, jobs, or careers, most seem to have one thing in common: they get annoyed by work interruptions during vacation and dread going back to work after vacation. 

I remember that feeling.   I also remember feeling that part of my vacation was affected by my work.  Those in the knowledge economy feel obliged to “check-in”.   Clients, vendors, and customers usually don’t know you are on vacation.  Even with a vacation message, some will leave a request anyway.  Bosses and co-workers know you are on vacation.  But, some will call: “I know you are on vacation, but…”. 

Back in those days (almost 15 years ago!), my vacations were slightly soured every time I had to check my messages.   Far worse, I would feel slightly depressed and highly anxious as vacation ended knowing that I was going back to work that was ill suited for me.

I’m on vacation now.  I check my messages regularly but not with annoyance but with some gratitude.  (those running their own company will understand what I mean!) I’m heading to work tomorrow.   Even better, since I am going back to something that excites me, I’m completely enjoying my vacation today.