Find Where the Marketplace Can Meet Your Passion

“I have a passion for…”

I hear this a great deal from my career counseling clients.  I hear you.  I made the radical switch from corporate lawyer in Washington, DC to education-entrepreneur in small town Connecticut. It is possible to love your job.  It can happen.  I love my work.  I know many others who do as well. 

The common denominator between us: we determined how to match our passions practically with the marketplace, or the converse where the marketplace met our interests.

We are in a capitalist system that does not fiscally support many common passions or hobbies.  You love art; music; playing golf; whatever.  Let’s say you are considered to be good at your passion. You paint better than most.  People tell you that you have a knack or talent.
This may be true but you can’t make a living unless you are paid.  That’s the marketplace in capitalism.

Before making a career change it is imperative that you ensure the marketplace can support said change.  This idea is discussed frequently with my clients, especially in recent months.