Some of our clients are women who are returning to the workforce after spending five to ten years working as full-time mothers. Two mindsets plague women in such situations.

Most commonly, stay-at home moms who are returning to work are intimidated.  They view the new world of work as scary.  They worry that no one will hire them and that if they are hired they won’t know anything.  Fortunately, whenever I work with women on these issues they usually switch their mindsets based on two concepts.  One, their absence from the work force is fully understood by would-be employers.  Unlike the proverbial gap on the resume, the motherhood gap is uncomplicated and often appreciated.  Two, developing knowledge and skills related to the new world of work is “not rocket science” as one of my clients recently noted.  Exactly.

Shifting your mindset is your first step.  If you are intimidated by the thought of returning to work, consider the job you are applying for.  Most likely, your recent work as a stay at home mom was far more demanding.