Good News For Liberal Arts Graduates Seeking Jobs

The last decade has been brutal to liberal arts graduates seeking jobs in Connecticut. The focus on jobs in healthcare, technology, and other STEM type work has seemingly made liberal arts graduates archaic.

But, practically focused liberal arts graduates who understand the work world have plenty of opportunities.  Unquestionably, liberal arts graduates could benefit from internships and other work credentials more than their more business minded job seeking competition.  However, the new world of work demands creativity, communication ability, and content creation (which is really writing) more than ever before.

All those websites you read are primarily made up of words, not code.

Liberal arts graduates are masters of words.

We have been helping our liberal arts graduates position themselves for happy and successful employment ever since the economic downturn.  This has become one of our submissions at Career Counseling Connecticut.  We are delighted that we have had so many recent success stories.