Happy to get back to work?

20 years ago, I recall hearing the news that JFK Jr. died (July 16, 1999).  Happily married and delighted by our young son, I was walking near the beach on a beautiful day.  It was a Sunday and I didn’t have any pressing work.  But I was utterly miserable and semi-anxious with the thought that I had to go to work on Monday.  I was, of course, saddened to hear about his tragic death.  But I also recall using the news to provide a sense of perspective.  “Going to work tomorrow is better than death…”

Crazy, right? That’s how much I didn’t like my job in a private law firm. But in running Career Counseling through the years, I’ve come to understand how much “career” overlaps into life.  On that Sunday, I should have been blissfully enjoying my day.  And I suppose if I were more capable of being Zen-like that I would have done so.   Like many people,  however, I couldn’t help having thoughts stick in my mind:  “I have to deal with my terrible boss.” “Is that memo due Wednesday or Thursday?” “Did I document my hours last week?” Even worse, I had those all encompassing thoughts:  “is this what my work life has become?” “how can I change careers?” “I have no idea what to do with my next career step.”

Now… I just returned from a two week trip from the Greek islands with my wife and three children.   I not only thoroughly enjoyed my vacation time but as the vacation was coming to an end – and as I sit here on 4th of July – I was and am eager to get back to work.

The mission of Career Counseling Connecticut is to ensure that our career counseling clients have the same transition.