Happy work post 65 – not retirement – should be the new goal

I am so delighted that science has backed up what common sense has dictated. Aging well stems from (1) happy work (2) diet and (3) exercise.  And, many would claim in that order.

Every bit of evidence that I’ve studied on the subject indicates how foolish our society has been to make 65 a mandatory or suggested retirement age while life expectancy dramatically increased. When 65 was selected, the life expectancy was 58 for men and 62 for women. Since men almost exclusively made up the work force, 65 was an outlying age for the small percentage of men who would work that long to retire. 

The current age is somewhere between 76-78 for men and 81-82 for women but I am fairly sure that these numbers will be dramatically higher for educated workers in the knowledge economy.  Most should expect to live to 90.

25 years of non-working activity is a recipe for depression and ill health. 

Find happy work.

I watched this Ted talk with delight.  The 93 year old speaker is hilarious and inspiring. 
Watch here