Helping our clients take calculated risks

Does anyone play chess?  Quick lesson: if you place your opponent’s King into check and the opponent can’t move to another square without being in check, you win.  Checkmate.  Most players employ a castle defense to protect their Kings.  In playing online chess, invariably, players will play against those more highly rated.  When I do so, I am sometimes faced with a choice: take a risk by suffering a material loss (a chess piece) to gain positional advantage, such as breaking open the castle defense or playing it safe and likely losing a technical match to a better player.

I’ve noticed that when I win against a superior player it is almost definitely because I took a risk.  I usually lost something (consider that financial for the metaphor) to gain big (happy/successful career).  While the risk sometimes leads to quicker defeat, I also am happier than when I get slowly dismantled.  I’ve discovered that either I win when I take a calculated risk –   when in such situations –  happy/success or lose but am happier than enduring when I deal with a prolonged beating.

Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients are often in similar situations.  I always start with the following: I am a controlled, calculated risk-taker.  Compared to my fellow entrepreneurs, I am on the lower end of willingness to take a risk.  But compared to unhappy workers in organizations, I am more willing to take a risk and that has made all the difference in my career versus either my law school classmates (mostly successful/mostly unhappy) and those who are stuck in organizations with not much happiness or success.

Perhaps most importantly, we can help you figure out which career risks to take.