How are you doing this Monday?

Post-holiday vacation, I can honestly say that I was eager to get back to work out of a positive desire to work.

I’m not one of those inauthentic career coaching gurus who think it is natural for everyone to love their work.  Instead, I know all the full range of possibilities and I want to ensure that the clients of Career Counseling Connecticut can move from whatever point on the continuum they are to a higher level.

Like many, I have experienced anxiety to get back to work.  This feeling does not stem from a positive desire to work but rather worry that if I needed to work otherwise bad things would happen.

Like many, I have experienced dread to get back to work.  This feeling is even worse than anxiety.  It is a more depressive feel.

Since I took full charge of my work life and essentially was the first client of Career Counseling Connecticut, I have developed a work life that elevates me.  I am happier not in spite of but because of my work.  I hope I can help you achieve the same.