How much is autonomy worth?

Three different clients of Career Counseling Connecticut who are now their own boss expressed almost the same exact thought this week: “I’m not sure how much more you would have to pay me than what I’m currently making to have a boss again.”

Pam had suffered from dealing with alpha-male types in the sharp elbow financial services industry for decades.  Andrew had a terrible boss for the last five years and had been yearning for freedom for even longer.  Stacy just wanted better work-life balance, particularly so she would not have to simmer when she was putting in face time at the office when she wanted to spend time with her children.

The path for each was different.  During their initial career counseling sessions, each had challenges that had been holding them back from starting their entrepreneurial ventures.  Each took baby steps to move forward.  Each had what I call blocks – both practical and psychological – that we had to address, work around, climb over and get through.  I don’t want to create the impression that what they did was easy.

But as tends to be the case, now that they are on other side of the worker-boss divide, they never want to go back.  Career Counseling Connecticut can provide the career guidance to move you to the dream of becoming your own boss.