“I love my work” – the authentic answer from career changers

Yes, you can love your career.

I am on vacation right now.  Our beach hotel has a wonderful breakfast spot overlooking the water.  So I’ve come here the last three days and have breakfast alone – with my computer – since my wife and three teens sleep later than me.  Today, the hostess  asked, “are you always working?”

“I love my work” was my honest reply.

I then answered an e-mail from a career changing client on Career Counseling Connecticut’s site seeking career guidance and briefly relayed my own story. I was an attorney for about a decade before I became an education-entrepreneur.  “I love my work” would never have been an honest answer had I been asked.

As a criminal prosecutor, I liked my work and loved the experience of being within the hard scrabble Philadelphia criminal justice system.  As a federal prosecutor in Washington, DC, I enjoyed the intrigue of white collar crime but did not really like the legal work much.  In private practice… I didn’t like my work.

Now, post-career change (17 years), I love my work.  And, I have observed that a large percentage of career changers do as well.  You can too.