“Identity”: Another pillar for career happiness

When Career Counseling Connecticut has been part of the transformation of a career seeker’s life, we have facilitated a process whereby our career counseling client was engaged in a job that did not feel authentic and then shifted to a career path that did.  Here’s what I mean:

Think of an artist.  The work of an artist is not just his/her job but rather an expression of identity.  “He’s an artist (or musician or writer)” is meant to convey so much more about the person than merely what he does for work.

The identity issue is by no means limited to creative careers.  Those in professions –  at least those who are happily in their chosen profession – usually identify with being: “a doctor” – “a lawyer” – “a teacher” – “a scientist”.

And, there are plenty of business people who identify with their function.  “I’m a manager” or “I’m an accountant” or “I’m an entrepreneur”.

Those who feel mismatched usually change the conversation when they are asked what they do.  “I work at [company] but I don’t really like it.” That signals to the questioner that they are not to be identified with their work.

It doesn’t have to be that way.    We can help.