If going to Starbucks is the best part of your work day, you have to find a  new career.

“Do you think I should give up Starbucks?” Allison, a thirty something account executive in a Fairfield based marketing firm, asked in relation to financial planning related to her career aspirations.  ”I’ve read that by spending an extra $5 per day I’m giving up thousands of dollars over time.” 
“That’s true.” I responded.
“But going to Starbucks is the best part of my work day.” Allison continued. She laughed and said it before I did: “I guess that’s another sign I need to find a new career.”

Years ago, getting freshly cooked Morning Glory muffins from a bakery near my law firm was my version of Starbucks. While I realize that both spending money frivolously and eating excess calories are not the best bandaids for an otherwise miserable work day, I would have caused myself needless deprivation if I gave up those muffins.  I similarly don’t think that Allison should give up the best part of her day.  
If you can find something cheaper and healthier to replace whatever version of Starbucks gets you through the day, then good, but that’s not your issue. Your energy should be more focused on career exploration. That should be your career focus for 2016.