If the unemployment numbers are so good, why don’t I have a good job?

This is not a political post.  Any non-partisan economist would say that the unemployment numbers post Great-Recession have been misleading.

Several factors have afflicted Connecticut residents who are bewildered by the “good news” about employment but finding it difficult to obtain meaningful work.

The most significant factor: underemployment

Employment numbers do not adjust for those underemployed.  There are plenty of people working in malls, restaurants and retail (all honorable work) who are “employed” but not in their fields.  Several of Career Counseling Connecticut’s younger clients are full time nannies (again, honorable work) but who expected to have a career building job elsewhere.

In addition, Career Counseling Connecticut has numerous clients who are working in mismatched fields and at levels far beneath what they had hoped.  They, too, are employed but, again, not on a career building path.

No need to feel bad about the unemployment numbers.  Take action.