If you are as happy as your children about a “snow day”, time for a career change!

SNOW DAY for Connecticut schools!  Any parents knows the joyous shrieks from children when school is canceled.  When adults similarly delight in not having to work, that’s sad.  Don’t get me wrong – staying cozy with the family or just having a day off is healthy and good. And there are some people who will make the most of the snow day in an affirmative sense.  But if the happiness comes from the feeling of escaping work, then there is a problem.

I get happier when I work.  That sounds strange to anyone who has not had a happiness producing job.  But those who have nod their head in agreement.  When I went to Career Counseling Connecticut’s Old Saybrook office on the first day back from break, one of my teammates said the same thing.  We both loved our holiday break but we were ready and – even eager – to get back to doing what elevates us.

I also know the difference.  I can vividly recall being delighted that there was a snow emergency and I wouldn’t have to trek to my law offices.  My hope for you in 2018 is that you find a career that makes you happy for your snow day and then happy to return to work.