“I’m bored at work. Should I look for a new job?”

Some of the inquiries Career Counseling Connecticut receives are tentative.  The caller knows they want something more from their job (their life!) but is not sure what that is and has no idea how to move forward.  They are stuck.  That’s where meeting with an effective career expert can be liberating.

To answer the subject line’s question simply: “Yes, of course! There is no harm in looking/searching.”

To answer the question with greater precision: If you are bored now, then presumably you will only get more bored as time passes.  Boredom means lack of growth.  Lack of growth at work means lack of skill development.  This translates to decreased job mobility which means you’ll be stuck in the boring job as time passes.  Specifically, if you have a job for a year or two, the job has not become your personal brand.  But if you have the same job for three plus years, you are a [whatever your job is] and moving from that job will become increasingly difficult.

Terry was a claims representative at an insurance company.  Nothing wrong with that – insurance is a great industry – but he said when he walked in for our career counseling session in our Madison offices, “no one grows up dreaming of becoming an insurance claims rep.”  I had to remind me that all jobs that pay bills and are not hurting people are honorable. If you are at a job that pays the bills, be proud that you are doing what’s necessary to be an independent adult.  But don’t be complacent.

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