Interview Prep: Career Profiling Tests

I have studied personality profiling for approximately 25 years.  My first exposure was in relation to the Enneagram.  My second was in relation to Myers-Briggs.  I write about each in the context of career counseling in Career Path of Abundance.  For someone like myself who is interested in psychology, these tests are enjoyable as well as insightful.  I do realize that others find such tests either invasive or invalid.  For those in this category, I urge you to get this week’s Time magazine. The cover story is How High Is Your XQ?  

Many companies are now using personality profiling tests to screen applicants.  Most of the tests relate to “fit” as in whether one’s personality fits the type of job to which the candidate is applying. Sometimes the screening is general.  I suppose if the test reveals the candidate to be a psychopath then the fit is not of significant interest. 

Read the article.  Your perspective on career tests will shift.