Interview prep: using psychological tests

Psychological prep

Read the article to understand that many companies are using psychological profiling to find the right candidates for their positions.

Jerry came to Career Counseling Connecticut because he said: “I fail these psychological tests.” Of course, no one fails the tests but the tests he had taken for the jobs he applied for revealed that he was not a great match and that took him out of the running.  We reviewed the types of questions that Jerry was asked as well as his answers.  It became clear that even though the tests prevented him getting jobs, the tests also likely saved Jerry from entering a career path that he would hate.

I have been immersed in using psychological profiling tools ever since I started Career Counseling Connecticut.  When used properly, the tests do reveal the types of patterns that will predict job satisfaction.  For example, a job that requires high attention to detail and repetition won’t be attractive to those who test out as desiring big picture and variety in their work.

We help our clients prepare for job interviews by ensuring that they are matches for the careers they seek.