Interviews: The need to understand personality tests

Some people detest personality tests.  Some people love them.  I am in the latter category.  My personal interest stems from my deep interest in understanding people.  I should add that I think in subtleties and nuances so I am not one to lock people into boxes.  But I do think the validated tests provide insights, some of which are life changing.

But my work for Career Counseling Connecticut has led me to deep interest in personality profiling for two reasons:

(1) the tests that I provide our clients prior to meeting help me help them


(2) companies are using the tests more as a way of screening applicants.

Most of the tests relate to “fit” as in whether one’s personality fits the type of job to which the candidate is applying.   I suppose if the test reveals the candidate to be a psychopath then the fit is not of significant interest!

Regardless, as a job seeker, you should understand the tests will be an important part of navigating employment.