Is a good career one cure for depression? Yes.

We are facing a mental health epidemic. Due to the “counseling” part of Career Counseling Connecticut, I immersed myself in the study of psychology for several decades. My standard reading was on positive psychology as my ever-optimistic nature believes that we can shift our energy in positive directions in order to feel better. But in the last couple of years, I’ve been reading dozens of books and articles on depression and anxiety as some part of my career counseling clients suffer from each.

With the obvious caveat that those who need or could benefit from medical treatment seek out or continue to get treated, I urge my Connecticut neighbors who are battling depression/anxiety to (1) stay as connected to your loved ones, community, extended friends, and, just general humanity, as much as possible (2) Exercise, sleep, eat right and do all the physical self-care things that we are told and (3) find work that makes you happy/happy enough. If your relational, physical, and work well-beings are very high, then you will likely be happy/happy enough.

I’ll keep my comments squarely within my expertise in career counseling. If you go to work within a career that fits, you will have simple enjoyment (just liking what you do), purposefulness (assuming your work is connected to something that is meaningful or suits you in a way that feeds your soul) and success (those who like their work are usually successful).

If you or someone you know is depressed/anxious, get help in all three areas – as well as medical help if needed – and we can help with the career part.