Is your twentysomething waiting for career to happen?

My next book focuses on parents,  specifically “how can parents help their twentysomethings find happy and successful careers?”

One of the bigger challenges facing parents is the implicit programming that occurs in our K-college system.  Every year,  change – often massive change – just happened.  The 4th grader may have had a terrible teacher but next year he had a great teacher.  There was no initiative – no cover letters/networking – required to head into middle school or high school.  College was the one giant change but that had a distinct process. List of colleges, Common App,  recommendations, essays, press submit.  Pretty much everyone can get admitted to some college.

The work world is different.  The ocean of possibilities makes the college search seem easy.   The hiring process is multifaceted.  Companies/industries/types of businesses have different and often unique hiring processes.  The career seeker has to take initative to sort through each.

Many twentysomethings find themselves confused and overwhelmed.   They often freeze and wait for something to happen.   It doesn’t.

We can help.