Job searching? Career Counseling Connecticut can help.

The frustrating job search

In the last few months, Career Counseling Connecticut has been inundated with job seekers.

Recent College Graduates and Twentysomethings

Many of our job seeking clients were recent college graduates living in Connecticut who are trying to find jobs.  They almost always need help with crafting resumes, interview help, and overall job search strategy.  Many are savvy regarding technology and do not have the bad job seeking habits of my generation (see below).  Nonetheless, while youth has its advantages, understanding how the world works is not one.  The number of rookie mistakes that most new job seekers make is significant.  And, unfortunately, they have no one to help.  Untethered from the college environment, they are let with their parents as their main advisors.  Most parents do not really know the rules of the new world of work’s job search and, of course, getting advice from parents usually does not go well for most twentysomethings.

Thirtysomethings and those in midcareer

The Connecticut economy has affected most everyone but those in the biggest danger might be those who are in the midst of building their careers and have been laid off.  Many are parents and dual income families.  In addition to the general challenges facing those who are seeking jobs, this group also has to sort out how any geographic move would affect the family.  Switching schools or putting additional pressure on the spouse due to a potential relocation has to be analyzed objectively.  Emotion clouds objectivity and often judgment.  Here, our rationality and distance from the problem helps us help our job seeking clients.

Forty and fiftysomethings and those late in their career

Unless the career counseling client has had to search for jobs in the last decade, their job seeking skills are deficient.  The old methodology of seeking job openings, applying for open jobs, and waiting for responses does not work for most every older job seeker.  Career Counseling Connecticut has a job-seeking methodology that gets results and is simply far different than the old style

Regardless of your age and period of life, job searching is psychologically challenging.  Having an outside source of career guidance and career support is often vital for both job searching happiness and success.  Career Counseling Connecticut can help.