Job security through loving your work

Fred was just let go from his financial services company in Glastonbury,  CT.   “I thought I would get out of Hartford because I had been laid off by 3 companies in Hartford during the last 15 years.”

Anyone with a sense of the type of people who succeed in the financial services industry would likely think it odd that Fred has been in the industry so long.  His personality profiling data indicated the same.   But Fred, like many -particularly men who are programmed to be the provider for the family – chose what he viewed as a practical path over what he thought he would love because that path would be impractical.

As I have said to other clients of Career Counseling Connecticut,  “loving your work gives job security.”   Think about it.  How many people do you know that love their work but get fired?  Conversely, hating your work is a sure-fire way to get fired.  All those non-verbal cues illustrating your unhappiness are picked up by others even if you think you have successfully faked career happiness through the years.

To be clear,  I’m not one of those “follow your bliss” career counselors.  Creating more starving artists is not what Career Counseling Connecticut does.   Instead, we find real career paths with the ability to pay the bills (and hopefully a lot more) that will lead to happiness.

And, it turns out that career happiness is often the most practical path to follow.