Jobs Are Coming Back… Maybe 

Jobs are coming back according to recent data.  The article paints a very accurate picture of the cautions surrounding good facts. I am an optimist by nature and by philosophical training. 

Yet, I can’t help but realize the structures of the new economy will be brilliant for some, challenging for many, and brutal for a bigger group of Americans than any time since The Great Depression.  

How will it be brilliant for you? That’s become my recent obsession. I believe the New World of Work requires a radical new approach to career development.  Getting a “job” is not the answer. Why? Because someone or some soulless committee or some company event beyond your control can take that job away.  I suppose this was always the case. But the last ten years have dramatically shifted the unwritten social contract of loyalty between companies and employees. Companies “promised” to provide a secure job into the indefinite future unless something unusual occurred or the employee did something fireable. Employees “promised” to work in the box that they were assigned, strive upward in the organization (but not outward), and stay into the indefinite future unless they received a clearly better job offer.  That contract has been obliterated in most organizations. 

So, while I am happy for the job news and hope it brings good fortune to my Connecticut neighbors, I am mindful that the dramatic growth of my career counseling practice stems from the deep uncertainty of our new economic (non) contract.