Joy as a career motivator

With hope, holiday cheer is reaching you and that many of you are enjoying family and friends during Christmas to New Year’s break. While I’m sure obligation is one of the motivators for doing whatever you need to do during holiday season, my hope is that much of what you do is motivated by joy.
For many, the joy of giving is the best part of the holiday season. Think about the work that parents have to do to ensure a wonderfully happy Christmas for their children. The joy of watching children open up their presents and enjoy other parts of Christmas magic is a wonderful motivator.
If you are on a career counseling site, you likely are not experiencing joy at work. My mission to help my fellow Connecticut neighbors experience joyful careers and the first step is to recognize that “joy” from work is possible. 
I’m sure that may sound crazy for those of you with bad bosses, mismatched jobs, and companies battling to stay afloat. But there must be something in your life – like the work it takes to find the right present for someone that you love – that illustrates that work can be joyful. 
Take that recognition and seek to find a career that brings similar happiness.  It is possible.