Looking For “a job”? Not Good Enough!

You are not going to get hired if you are just looking for “a job”.

Employers seek to hire people who are on specific career paths.

Case Study:

An unemployed but well qualified 32 year old woman from Westport, CT was surprised that she was not landing interviews for entry level data entry/business administration positions.  “I am a qualified candidate but I can’t even get hired as a secretary.”  She had graduated from Sacred Heart University and worked at a prominent firm in Norwalk, CT.  But, she had done so in the broad area of sales.  I applauded her drive to search for as many jobs as possible, but I asked:  ”Would you hire a secretary knowing that they planned to quit as soon as a better opportunity came up?”

Recent college graduates also experience challenges. Many have their resumes say “seeking entry level business position”.  Statements such as these are far too broad and do not give recruiters or hiring manager a clear image of what you are looking for/passionate about as a candidate.

It is crucial to determine the specific job you want.  How?  Discover your intended career path.  That is the best way to truly begin your job hunt.