Monday Morning: Excited to go to work?

“On Mondays, I feel like a kid dreading school.  I want to hide under my covers and go back to sleep.”  Jay said.

Jay is a 33 year old business manager at a small company in East Lyme, Connecticut.  He’s felt this way for a long time.

Not only do I sympathize, I empathize, having felt the same way for three years of private practice in big law firms.  When I made my transition to education-entrepreneur, I moved from having anxiety on Monday mornings to a mixture of excitement-anxiety.  I still had nervous energy because I was the sole provider of 5 and, of course, worried about failing.  But I also had excitement.  And, as I’ve learned, nervousness is just energy that if redirected becomes excitement.

When I shifted my personal practice to doing more career counseling (I still am the CEO of The Learning Consultants. I mostly have excitement on Monday mornings.  I look at my calendar and review who I will see each day with positive energy.  You deserve the same.