Multi-jobbing: The New Path to Career Success

​As I was writing about my work as a part time college professor, I realized that there is a valuable lesson for those in career change mode. The new world of work will require multi-jobbing for many.  I’ll explain my story to provide context.
When I started to build The Learning Consultants, 15 years ago, I also had consulting gigs for companies in the education industry. My “local work” involved teaching and counseling students and families along the Connecticut shoreline.  My “national-international work” involved providing strategic business and legal advice to clients in California, Massachusetts, New York, India and Australia. 
In relation to one of these clients, I presented a video-lecture series the company had created to Charter Oak State College in New Britain. They liked the video-lectures but needed someone to teach a class that would use the video-lectures as a text.  I had the credentials to teach and they hired me. 15 years later, I have delightfully taught for Charter Oak. (Shameless plug: Charter Oak is one of the best kept secrets in education in Connecticut.)
My initial building of The Learning Consultants was made possible, in part, by the consulting income from my strategic advisory business.  To a lesser extent, it has been nice to have a side income from working as an adjunct college professor.  Regardless of the business fortunes of The Learning Consultants, College Counseling Connecticut, or Career Counseling Connecticut, I have unrelated income from my work as a professor.
The lesson: As you transition, consider the benefits of multi-jobbing.