On the importance of career…work is time….time is life

There is no better time for a career change than right now.

“I just read an article about work and time and it freaked me out.” Dave said as he started our career counseling session. “We spend more time working than anything else.  So if we do not enjoy our time at work then we are not enjoying a large part of our life.  I’ve gone from disliking my work to almost hating it. I don’t want to hate my life.”

Dave went on to describe his morning and evening tortuous commute on Connecticut’s I-95.  “Like everyone, I can’t stand my commute but when I realized I was happier in traffic – at least I was listening to music or an audio book – than at work I knew I had to leave.  But I had no idea how so that’s how I wound up looking for career counselors.’

When providing career counseling, I’m heavily focused on helping my clients find work that will pay their bills.  I never suggest that my anyone coming to Career Counseling Connecticut pursue irrational dreams.  Nonetheless, it is equally irrational to do nothing to change.  Your career – your time – your life – will not change unless you put in the exploratory work to do so.