Get help for your career in a creative field

Mike entered my office as if he was carrying a bag of rocks on his shoulders.  Defeated, despondent, and a step away from clinical depression, his mother begged him to see me because his older brother, Matt, had used Career Counseling Connecticut several years ago.  Mike resisted. “I know what I want to do.  I don’t need career counseling.”  Mike’s mom and brother emphasized that I primarily had helped Matt navigate a few thorny business issues he was facing in the current start up he was in and market himself for a new venture that he wanted.  “He will teach you how to make your passion become a business.” That apparently was the selling point that got Mike off his couch in Fairfield, CT to meet me in Madison, CT.

Mike is a creative type.  I’ll spare the description to save his identity.  He had some initial success while in college.  But post-college, he was floundering.  He had recently invested 4 months creating a project that had fallen flat in the marketplace.  I do not know enough about his particular media niche to address his talent but I could quickly see that his marketing tactics, pricing strategy, and web site creation were all deficient.  Each was easily remedied.  All Mike needed was 1 meeting to get his creative business to gain traction.

Creative types are brilliant in their craft but often lacking in practical know-how.  We can help.