Your future self will thank you if you plan your career transition.

Good interview on CBS News.  If you are over 40, plan your career change

We are all rooting for Connecticut to come out of its financial challenges.  Those over 40 should continue rooting but also affirmatively start to plan their next move.  My work in career counseling is grounded in hope.  I do not like to add to the stress of my career counseling clients.  But I also know that many of my over 40 clients walked into our offices too late.  Their career change was foisted upon them by Pfizer leaving Connecticut, by General Electric leaving Connecticut, and now the possibility of Aetna leaving Connecticut.

Connecticut is a wonderful state.  High quality of life. Great education system.  Really nice people.  I’m not from here so I compliment without bias.  Nonetheless, right now Connecticut is facing financial challenges. Those over 40 need to address the reality of those challenges by taking control of their career and Career Counseling Connecticut is here to help.