Parents: Help your children find happy and successful careers

My next book addresses how parents of twentysomethings can help their children with their careers.

The book emanates from my career advisory work through Career Counseling Connecticut.   But it also stems from a couple of decades running The Learning Consultants.

In that role, along with my wonderful teammates, we help parents navigate the high school to college path.  I became expert on a professional level in coaching parents to coach their children.  Moreover, as a parent of three,  I am highly aware of the anxiety facing parents from my personal experience.  I heard an interesting – and unfortunately generally true adage –  “parents are only as happy as their unhappiest child.”  I hope that’s not the case for you.

Much like my first book, Motivate Your Son, this new book is designed for those who live far away and cannot meet with me.  If you and your twentysomething child live in Connecticut, you have the good fortune of being able to schedule an in person meeting 🙂