Parents of College Graduates: We can help

Career Counseling Connecticut helps all those seeking career help. Certainly, the Covid-19 crisis will create a restructuring for thirty, forty and fiftysomethings. We are busily providing our career coaching to ensure that our clients will emerge post-crisis with happier and more successful careers. But at least these clients have careers.

Recent college graduates are entering the job market at the worst time in history. I’ll even suggest that now is worse than the Great Depression for the bulk of college graduates. Here’s why: back in the 1930s, the vast majority of college graduates came from wealthy families. Moreover, since there were proportionally so few college graduates, the competition for jobs appropriate for college graduates – particularly those from some economic and social privilege -was not too high.

Now, the unemployment rate has sky-rocketed, companies are in survival mode, and competition in the labor market in fierce.

Your adult children will need every advantage possible. We can help:

-craft a job seeking plan

-train how to network

-train how to write cover letters

-train how to improve their resumes

Contact us now to learn how to help your children build their careers during this unprecedented time.