Parents of college seniors, recent graduates, twentysomethings… your children need career help

I started The Learning Consultants in 2002.  I was fairly certain that teens needed far more guidance and tutoring than being given and that most every high school was not equipped to help students in an optimal way.  The “market” agreed.  The college counseling, tutoring and test prep industry launched The Learning Consultants and many other educational service providers.  More importantly, many parents were delighted that their children were helped.  Soon The Learning Consultants became the biggest private educational service provider in Shoreline, CT, then Southeastern, CT, then eastern CT, and finally Connecticut.

The same process is now happening in the college to career arena.  Almost all colleges are not equipped to help their students get jobs, at least in an optimal way.  The market seems to be agreeing and Career Counseling Connecticut is growing at a rapid rate as parents realize their children need every bit of help they can provide.  Most importantly, many parents – and their adult age children – are delighted that we are helping them find jobs and careers.