Parents of Recent College Graduates?

I just finished writing my new book. The topic: how parents can help their twentysomethings find happy and successful careers.  The book emanated from the countless conversations with Career Counseling Connecticut’s parent-clients who wanted to help their children but did not know how.

We are in a very unusual historical time period.  Parents of college graduates in 2019 are mostly in their 50s, with some younger parents in their late forties and some older parents in their early sixties.   That means they were primarily born in the 1960s-1970s, and raised in the 70s-80s.  Their (my) cultural programming about careers stemmed from growing up during a period where (1) most people (usually Dads) had steady jobs (2) the college to career transition was nearly seamless (very few failed to launch) and (3) parents had no need to help their twentysomethings with their career.

This has changed.  Our college to career program can help and I do hope the new book – likely to published in a few months – will be one more resource that will also help.