Parents seeking to help their children’s career path

Parents of college age or recent college graduates know the new parental truth: the practical part of your parenting did not end when you sent them to college.

Here’s what I mean: parents have always been parents for life so I am not referencing emotional support and other parental interactions post high school departure.  But as recently as a 10 years ago, many parents had the sense that their practical duties ended when they sent their children off to college (and perhaps helped with tuition). The whole job-career thing was then the responsibility of the kid and the kid’s college.  “The burden is now off my shoulders” was said to me in different ways from different parents throughout Connecticut as we finished off the college counseling process.

Economic realities – not helicoptering parents – have created the new post-high school parental involvement with children and their careers.  The old days are gone when a student could roll out of their college bed sometime during senior year and land a job.  Proactive job search and job positioning starts sometime during sophomore year. Most students do not know what to do and most colleges provide minimal help.

Career Counseling Connecticut has helped hundreds of college students successfully figure out (1) what they want to do for their career and (2) how to get gainfully employed in their industry of choice.   We used to be a luxury for many parents.  Our work is increasingly becoming a necessity.