Post Covid Career Planning

Through the years of running Career Counseling Connecticut, I’ve noted that the most common phrase from one of career counseling clients upon leaving our first meeting has been: “I should have come here years ago.”

Most people who are unhappy in their jobs or careers “settle in”. Uncomfortable couches take less energy to sit in than standing up in search of a better place to sit.

Those who want to change careers usually have “think” about changing jobs or careers. Then after thinking for anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks can’t sort it out and settle back into a job that ranges from not particularly happy making to miserable. It seems that most contact Career Counseling Connecticut when they are in a state of misery. Had they contacted us sometime beforehand, they would have been on their way to a happier job/career far earlier. That’s why most clients say: “I should have come here years ago.”

With Covid, the analysis-paralysis, over-thinking, or non-thinking has increased for a very real reason. Covid is paralyzing.

But it will end.

Now is the perfect time to start your career planning, not when you get more miserable.

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