Post Covid Careers: Welcome to the New World of Work

I have been writing about “the New World of Work” for over a decade. I am intimately familiar with his world because I joined it about 20 years ago.

Having started my career in large organizations, I then shifted to an entrepreneurial and then fun entrepreneur career path. This has made all the difference in both my career and how I am able advise career seekers who find me through Career Counseling Connecticut.

Old World of Work: 1 defined career path for many usually with long stretches at 1-2 organization. Minimal, if any, unemployment. Minimal, if any, entrepreneurial endeavors.

Example: the “organization man” (this used to be a gender based phrase) who went to work at The Hartford in the house insurance claims department, rose to manage the department (perhaps through stretches as “senior claims adjuster/assistant manager/manager) and then culminated his career as Director of Home Insurance Claims.

New World of Work: multiple “theme-based” career paths for many with varied length of employments at 10 plus organizations. Some stretches of unemployment. Some entrepreneurial endeavors.

Example: the general business man/woman goes to work at The Hartford in a business development role related to generating greater Internet hits, gets promoted to team leader, but then, upon hearing rumors of potential lay-offs decides to work at a different financial based entity with greater potential upside, after a few good years, a down-turn prompts a lay off, where he/she works with a friend on an Internet business that can generate some money on the side, before heading back into the work world as an independent contractor for a large company based in Chicago, but allowing virtual workers, to do lead generation work in New England; since the work is virtual and based on an independent contracting arrangement, the New World of Work hero works on a new business idea during his/her free time, after not having the contracting job renewed, launches that business, while continuing to make small amounts of money with the friend on the other business, and also looking for either more independent contracting work or attractive full time jobs…

As you see, the New World of Work is dizzying. You need help navigating it and we can help.