The power of correctly using career tests

A few career tests can lead you to a happier career

I am an ENFJ.  For those familiar with Myers-Briggs, “teacher” is a common nickname for ENFJs.  Those who know me would nod, as they know education and counseling have been life-long passions.  The polar opposite is ISTP.  “Mechanic” is a common nickname for ISTPs.  Those who know me would laugh as they know that my mechanical skills are likely lower than those of a caveman.

In my own career path, someone could have pointed out why working at a big law firm (I was an attorney before becoming an education-entrepreneur) would lead to major challenges (unrelated to my lack of mechanical ability, I also have the need to have work that is meaningful) if they typed me and then provided a career counseling session on the mismatch.  It would have saved me a lot of time and energy and spared me from needless anxiety.

Through the years of working with Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients, some of my happiest moments have occurred in “saving” young adults from entering mismatched careers.  Due to family programming – among other areas that lead to career mismatches – many young people enter fields that simply don’t suit them.  They try to make it work and then they come to me for career counseling a few years later.  Upon showing them the results of their career testing (Myers-Briggs is just one) and then explaining and interpreting the results, they almost feel like they have permission to finally escape to happier work.

A great Christmas gift for the young adults in your life 🙂