Prepare for a “jobless” world.

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Being employed by big companies might not be in your child’s future

A by-product of a liberal arts education is an interest in history.  I won’t bore you with the history of work but I will suggest that you think about how long the “corporation” has been in existence in relation to mankind (and we’ll even start with year 0).

Being employed by a large organization into the indefinite future as a primary way that people earn money is a relatively recent development.  It also may be on its way out.

Some big thinkers have postulated that the employer-employee relationship will radically shift in the next 20 years.  We all grew up in the world of “employment”.  We’ve taken for granted that getting a job working for someone else is the normal way of living.

Farmers, merchants, and tradesmen were their own bosses throughout the history of work.  Even manual laborers – at least those who were not slaves and soldiers – did not have indefinite employers.  They were independent contractors.

The world of Uber/Airbnd/Independent contracting gigs/free lance sites illustrates the way that employer-employee relations may be heading in many industries. This is both wonderfully liberating and horribly scary. But it is the future.  Embrace the wave.   Contact us now.