Quantum Physics and Career Counseling

“I’m not sure what magic occurred but since our meeting things have moved so fast.”

“It was almost as if the job magically occurred.”

“Are you a magician? I just got the job offer.”

I’m lucky to have these messages in my inbox.  Clients who had been stuck in some career rut.  They met with Career Counseling Connecticut and something “magical” (that seems to be the most common word) occurred.

A while ago, I noticed this phenomenon and knew with no false modesty that my specific advice – while often directed in the area where the change occurred – was not the magic.  Instead, the magic was in the energy that was created or transformed when my clients met with me.

They felt stuck.  They met with me.  They were “energized” for change.  From a linear, non-quantum field perspective, the cause may have simply been more effort.  But getting a job offer from an unexpected source wouldn’t derive from such effort.  So what happened?

I grew up in a very scientific household and culture.  I’m a lawyer by training.  This is a long way of saying that the scientific method and legal evidentiary skepticism are at the forefront of my programming.

While I certainly observed many “energetic” happenings that defied logic, I seemed to need a more scientific explanation to embrace the view that thought energy really does create reality.  I have been reading about quantum physics and the explanation soon became clear.  Our understanding of reality – pre quantum physics – was highly limited.  Atoms are mostly space, not mostly matter.  Waves of energy – as opposed to electrons, protons, and neutrons  -form 99% of an atom.

What are thoughts? Thoughts are not things (not matter).  Thoughts must be energy.  Thought energy is a something.  Most everyone does not know how to consciously affect thought energy but we all do affect thought energy.

And one way to dramatically change your career is to think about what you want to do instead of your current job. Meeting with a career counselor is perhaps the most dynamic way to do so.