Those old enough to remember George Costanza from Seinfeld might recall his famous “look busy” face.  In an effort to show his boss that he was working hard, he mastered looking busy even though he wasn’t working at all.   There is nothing particularly new about “quiet quitting”.  It’s just that the term has gained applause among some who are embracing the “I’m not going to work one second more than required” movement in response to unappreciated bosses/corporations.

To be clear… I get it.  I recall having the same view when I worked summer jobs in oppressive environments.   But… I knew I was leaving.  My work was temporary.  It was not my career.  If you are “quiet quitting” in your full time job as an adult then you are “quiet quitting” your career.  That’s a lot of life to “quit.”

Career Counseling Connecticut has been particularly busy of late in helping “quiet quitters” find new jobs and new career paths.

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