Rainy Monday morning… are you excited to go to work?

“Rainy days of Monday always get me down…” I think this is an old Carpenter’s song.
I used to feel anxiety on Mondays and other random days because I had to go to work.  Now… as strange as this sounds… I am often excited to get to work, on any particular day, because I get to do my work.

I wish this was because I have advanced psychologically-spiritually such that my outside circumstances do not affect me as profoundly. At best, 20% of my happy attitude about my work is due to putting in a lot of time and effort to change me into a different me. 80% has come from changing my work into different work.

I vividly remember trying to convince myself that “work is work”, that I had to get used to not liking what I did, and, of course, that I was supporting a growing family so I had to work in a job that paid the most money.  (I was an attorney at a big Washington, DC law firm at the time).

I also vividly remember realizing that I couldn’t fool myself.  For better or worse, I wanted my work life to be fulfilling. I wanted to have work that was meaningful. I wanted to – at least – enjoy my work. 

If you have the same thoughts, it is time to do something.  One step – let me help you.