Recent college graduates stuck in underemployment: Parents you have to help

Many recent college graduates are stuck in underemployment.   This shouldn’t be the case for our Connecticut career counseling clientele Connecticut has among the best education systems in the country.  Most Connecticut parents raised their children in affluent suburbs and provided every advantage possible for their children. Those who attended UCONN – one of the best public universities in the country –  as well as any of Connecticut’s elite private colleges should have choice. Many do not.  They are just trying to “figure it out” as they make their way to a job that is not the right fit or low wages or in, most cases, both.

Parents are in a tricky spot.  Our generation had a very distinct view that our parents would help us get into college (if we were lucky!) and then we were on our own.  The world has shifted.  Dramatically.  Outside of certain fields primarily in STEM, most college graduates are struggling to find work or at least suitable work for a career path.  Their colleges did little to help.  Their friends are similarly situated.  Who can help them?  No one… except their parents.  And while most parents are not expert in career counseling, many find us to help their children.  We are happy to help.