Regret: More painful than failing

As my peers are now in their 50s, I’m regularly having conversations with those who have gone through the bulk of their careers.  I think of my friends and one conclusion is unmistakable: those that took some risk – not great risk – but some risk to shift their careers in a manner that better suited them are happier.  Some – perhaps most – had to swim through some difficult waters to get to the other side.  But when they arrived, ALL have had happier work lives.

My friends who are not happy in their jobs: those that just “stayed in the lane they chose in their 20s.” One of my closest friends from law school told me he would leave his law firm in September 1996.  He’s still there and regretful -mournful – that he never left.   In contrast, one of my other close friends from law school left the traditional practice of law and now lives a super happy work life.

To be clear, most successful risk takers take calculated risks.

One of the reasons Career Counseling Connecticut has led our clients to such life changing results has been our ability to help clients assess risk and take calculated ones when needed.