Replacing I HAVE to go to work with I GET to do the work I love

This is not my idea and I’m not even sure it related to careers. But I read somewhere that learning to replace “I have to…” in the obligatory sense with the “I get to…” in the sense of privilege makes all the difference. In parental life, this might mean I get to help my child with her homework versus I have to….  For those who wanted children and were fortunate enough to have children then you should embrace the work that comes along with the responsibility.

Having had work that I did not like, I fully know the feeling of “I have to go to work on Monday” and do the things that did not make me alive. Each day at the law firm felt at best dutiful (“I’m doing this to support my family”) to at worst wasteful (“I’m wasting my life doing something I don’t like.”) I felt this way through most of the 1990s. 

Since 2000 – the turn of the century proved to be truly momentous for me! –  I started doing work that was aligned to my calling as an educator-counselor. I built my first company, The Learning Consultants, and experienced what I was preaching: you can do work that you love.  When that happens, you get to go work.

Make 2015 the year that you find a career that leads you to getting to do the work you love.